The WORST Game To Get For Christmas! (The Great Gift Exchange!)

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Happy Holidays, Theorists! As part of THE GREAT GIFT EXCHANGE, I am transported to a magical “Wrapshop” to wrap a charitable gift for Kurt Hugo Schneider. Mentored by The World’s Most Famous Gift Wrap Artist Alton Dulaney, I am going to create the ULTIMATE gaming gift wrap inspired by the classic video game consoles of history! Plus, I'll take you on a deep dive into the WORST GAME in video game history! Get your wrapping paper ready, we're about to get JOLLY!
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  1. Lakj5Gaming123 4
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    Your IQ is super high it’s like 100,000,00IQ like man how much iq do yiu have yeesg

  2. CheemsBurbgur
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    Don't mind me, just watching my first ever liked video.

  3. Sarah Fallz
    Sarah Fallz
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    I love how alton is casually folding while matpat is climbing on the table and wrestling the paper

  4. Nico Hart
    Nico Hart
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    as an ex-sub and a lifelong daughter of a school nurse, I GREATLY appreciate your support for no kid hungry. Thank you for talking about one of the many reasons why schools are so important for children.

  5. Aaron Neiberg
    Aaron Neiberg
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    who else didnt know anyone else on the list

  6. TheRedstoneMagic games
    TheRedstoneMagic games
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    Him:"You and other creators" Me:I'm not even a creator! Oh wait he's talking about Matt

  7. Martin Porter
    Martin Porter
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    The handsomely bestseller intracellularly answer because straw visually sprout midst a gray greasy great taxicab. combative, handy square

  8. Mysterious YouTuber
    Mysterious YouTuber
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    I once got a calendar for the same year I got the calendar

  9. Doge McRuff
    Doge McRuff
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    Cowboy becomes gamer while teaching a gamer to wrap a box

  10. NO AH
    NO AH
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    Cyberpunk is easily the worst game you can get

  11. Flower Gacha Studios
    Flower Gacha Studios
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    1. Flower Gacha Studios
      Flower Gacha Studios
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      Your friends with smosh?

  12. hello
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    Yeetza Palace.. Amazing

  13. Chris Jr
    Chris Jr
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    this reminds me of a disney christmas trailer

  14. SunnyRBLX
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    The gift on the title is from adopt me

  15. Angelina Vald
    Angelina Vald
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    Hello matpat, probably won't see this but there's a game nobody can figure out! It has an incredible life even I can't understand, and Im wishing you could figure out! It's in roblox called : de pride isle sanitarium, if you want to see if it's actually good here's a video of the trailer!:

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    Sanchez Kids
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    They stupid 🤪🤪!

  17. Mushroom Soup
    Mushroom Soup
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    There is literally a song from a show in my county that is about not sniffing glue

  18. Maximus Heaton
    Maximus Heaton
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    1:43 [British government disliked that]

  19. Kirkatz /:
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  20. Small Big
    Small Big
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    MatPat: says all sorts of facts about games. The gift wrapping guy: Interesting!! Also th gift wrapping guy: I don’t really give a sh-

  21. Global Warrior
    Global Warrior
    3 חודשים לפני Next video

  22. Rebecca Portwood
    Rebecca Portwood
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    "Rules are meant to be broken" Hmmm Benjamin

  23. kazuichi souda
    kazuichi souda
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    I love how matpats was a pizza box (fnaf reference???) and it had a black light (detective theorist mat pat)

  24. Kavious Hart
    Kavious Hart
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  25. KotCR
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    Making a gift seem like it's a video game console, but having it really only been a book or something, seems like a great way to have alot of disappointed kids and teach them the real truth about life lol. Also this video made me feel so much better about my own gift-wrapping skills lol.

  26. Ved Sanjeev
    Ved Sanjeev
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    This can make up for ILhistory Rewind 2020

  27. VannyWillows_:I
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    how did i not see this sooner.. this made me cringe alot- not bc this video is bad tho, its just different but i like different

  28. Chris Singh
    Chris Singh
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    What a sweet gift 🎁

  29. Nicolo Nardari
    Nicolo Nardari
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    3:35 is that the clone wars announcer/admiral yularen?

  30. Zion Marquez
    Zion Marquez
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    Do the forest

  31. Sven Olov Karlsson
    Sven Olov Karlsson
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    you guys is the best, uv ur vids.

  32. زهراء محمد عباس
    زهراء محمد عباس
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    Qwq thats funny- like if y watch it in Christmas 🎄

  33. Sauljr 2007
    Sauljr 2007
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    1:07 EEEEE

  34. Minecraft_is_the_best
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    5:44 this expression is GOLDEN, he's like: oh god he's talking about gaming I don't know gaming what is gaming he started by talking about wrapping gifts but now I'm lost so I'm just gonna pretend like I have any idea what he's talking about and maybe nod randomly

  35. Minecraft_is_the_best
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    4:10 Everyone call mat: "matpat (one guy)" from now on

    1. Minecraft_is_the_best
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      12:55 MatHat (still one guy)🤣 I'm dead

  36. What Am I
    What Am I
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    0:54 1:00 Oml his laugh-

  37. - C . D
    - C . D
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    MatPat: 11:35 Me:???......wait...🤣😂😅

  38. james montgomery
    james montgomery
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    Alton is just so positive. This was a joy to watch.

  39. Jacob Shives
    Jacob Shives
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    You guys remember when he gifted the POPE Undertale? Never forget matpat

  40. PLAI GAIMS 2009
    PLAI GAIMS 2009
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    I like to it toothpaste

  41. JeanKing_robotic2471ghost The Ninja
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    Why am I watching a ad?

  42. Hasty YT
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    It’s over bruhtify I have the higher comment >:)

  43. SD Moltan
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    I didn’t get anything for Christmas 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. dingus mink
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  45. aqua_bro
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    Game Theory Idea: What would a woman need to become a real life Lara Croft Tomb Raider. I mean education, estimated amount of money, physical training, actual places to discover and explore, would be a good archeologist while shooting everything and everyone while running through ancient ruins?

  46. Nightfire Karma
    Nightfire Karma
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    Omg, reading the comments of this video makes me laugh a lot 😂. Same with watching the video 😂

  47. Peach R
    Peach R
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    I remember getting an ad from gift wrapping dude but I skipped it so uh... oops

  48. AnaxErik4ever
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    When I saw the whole company of participants in Ro's video, I was most excited to see MatPat and Kurt Hugo Schneider. Despite having well established communities of their own, they have collaborated with Rosanna Pansino in the past even before her channel got really big. Seriously, seeing MatPat interact with Ian and Shayne (Smosh's) gift tickled me inside.

  49. First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name
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    Gay people of ILhistory, do you actually act like this in your every day life?

  50. Philip Cartee
    Philip Cartee
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    I’m a big fan

  51. Ninnikins
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    Cool you're doing ads now. For real, that's awesome.

  52. Gray
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    When he said Ian I thought he was gonna say Anthony the I remembered

  53. Mazey Xxmazemobilezz2
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    ads because lets me real

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    I agree with the present raper glue does smell good

  57. Jashwa
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    Who is the narrator for this? Is it the same guy that voices the Professor from Power Puff Girls?

  58. Yesimafurry Hi
    Yesimafurry Hi
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    Matpat hi umm can you please do a theory on danganronpa it’s really good

  59. See it nothing !
    See it nothing !
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    Merry Christmas!

  60. antpaste
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    Nice soy face, MatPat...

  61. Yellow Gav
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    There was a link to this in an ad Best ad ever

  62. The Skies Have Fallen
    The Skies Have Fallen
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    The worse gift of all is this video autoplaying after something I actually wanted to watch.

  63. The mason guy Ohh the bad guy
    The mason guy Ohh the bad guy
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    I saw this on an ad

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    It is 2:25am and I am still watching azzylands videos🤣😂😴💤🛏🛌

  68. NeoEvincar
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    So no link to the follow up video in the description? Or the previous one?

  69. H1PP1E
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    "where did they find this guy?" On the streets mat, they found him on the streets

  70. Un Nullified
    Un Nullified
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    Mathew Pathew is still your name

  71. Evelyn Martinez
    Evelyn Martinez
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    I tried to do the criss cross and it came out looking like garbage 😭😭

  72. Brianne S
    Brianne S
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    MATT please do what remains of Edith finch!!! I've played this game a few times and absolutely love it, I still have questions though. I would love to hear your take on this amazing game!

  73. Saumil Patel
    Saumil Patel
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    I love your videos mat! Keep it up

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    I saw the ads

  76. Spooky_Fruit
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    Even now, it’s still weird hearing “Smosh” without Anthony’s name in it.

  77. doodoojuke 123
    doodoojuke 123
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    the cowboy hat guys voice is so annoying

  78. Marah Wolsfeld
    Marah Wolsfeld
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    "and look at what great job you're doing" "I've already torn the paper"

  79. Marah Wolsfeld
    Marah Wolsfeld
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    I've heard of Kurt Hugo Schneider before because i subscribed to CrackingTheCryptic which is a channel in which two guys solve sudokus. Kurt was mentioned some times

  80. Puro the Latex Queen
    Puro the Latex Queen
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    18 second unskippable ads are a thing now apparently

  81. Jdcookin
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    Wow he look ugly on that ILhistory video

  82. king argonot
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    You should figer out how much money does bugs bunny have

  83. Nolan
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    Is Shane replacing Anthony

  84. Brandon poop
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    M A T P A T

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    Dang This is some amazing pr for ILhistory.

  86. Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams
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    That Smosh gift pizza was the Brest thing I've ever seen 😍

  87. Crünch or something like that
    Crünch or something like that
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    The he thumbnail says "the gift of gaming", how to do this, Step 1: buy them a laptop Step 2: give it to them. Step 3: done

  88. Questionable Spy
    Questionable Spy
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    Is it weird that Kurt Hugo Schneider and MattPat got their 1 million subscriber play button at the same time, and still have only a 200k subscriber difference

  89. Me when the
    Me when the
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    Can you send me a gaming laptop

    1. Me when the
      Me when the
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      @Crünch or something like that I don’t even have one so yeah and next time don’t be so condescending

    2. Crünch or something like that
      Crünch or something like that
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      Me when the I'm getting a dell Inspiron 15 3593 with an i5 and I'm fine with that so don't ask for too much to be happy

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    ILhistory Originals = Pure Cancer

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    Ahhhhhh cring

  93. FaceLess Kawei
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    "I like the smell of glue sticks" "THEY HAVE A SMELL" Me: and they have a taste

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    I have saw this 𝖒𝖆𝖓

  96. Genetically Modified Astronaut
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    Your ad is the first ad I’ve ever clicked on.

  97. ·Yeeb·
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    Did anyone else see that one yellow tooth in the back of his mouth in the thumbnail?-

  98. DoYouLikeOculus
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    this is very e

  99. Sizzles Swiggles
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    Smosh in 50 years: remember we got to go on ILhistory great gift exchange Mat pat in 50 years: I rather not remember

  100. Gage Game_Z
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    My mom wrapping gifts: aldon My dad wrapping gifts: mat pat