Game Theory: Minecraft, The Secret Desert Origin of Creepers

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Creepers are arguably the most well known Minecraft monster. Yet, despite all we may THINK we know about them, there are still many mysteries yet to be answered. Today Theorists, I aim to answer the BIGGEST question on Creeper lore. Where do they come from? Well, it is no where you would expect! You will have to watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Bhavesh BK
    Bhavesh BK
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    i want mojang to watch all ur videos and confirm it. Then i can die peacfully.

    1. THEREAPER 8793
      THEREAPER 8793
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      Mattpat you need to think of story is gone now and can’t be bought had CITYS OF MASTER BUILDERS that created a COMMAND BLOCK WITH NO CHEATS witch means they are way more powerful and also the wither storm could be the thing that made the virus becouse it went hundreds of miles a day spreading particles and when it died it dropped a ton of its blocks for miles over a nearby village

    2. charell gede
      charell gede
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    3. Thaelis Molina
      Thaelis Molina
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      @Niv Sorek then why did Jen said. It wouldn’t fit with the ravengers lore

    4. Rex Cappin
      Rex Cappin
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      we all can

    5. Keira Ferguson
      Keira Ferguson
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      Yeah but don't die

  2. P Niedziela
    P Niedziela
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    Great video! Realy like your work. BUT i want to sugest something. (first thing first i have to warn you that I'm from Poland so my english could be a bit wanky XD) I noticed that you always speak about the ancients builders like they were all united and lived in peace with eachpther. I think it could be difrent. I think that creepers were made as a wepon. Maybe there onse was a coutry that leaved in the desert and was in war against some other faction that lived let's say on the plains biome. You pointed out that creepers are "artificial" and I think that they were ment to be mass produced (with is why they appear all over the world) wepon of mass destruciton. Also to improve their effectiveness they were painted green to blend in with tall grass. And also to prtect themselves from creepers exploding in their own borders, they made them flee from cats with wich they colud eaven direct creepers in the way they wanted them to go... So that's my theori about creepers. Sorry again for my english XD PS. Yes i know that I'm writing this with one and a half mounth dilay.

  3. Christina Brown
    Christina Brown
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    I love this channel! Oh , and by the way, Raycon earbuds are practically INDISTRUCTIBLE yep, indestructible, I said it, no mistake, I'm serious, a guy who's channel is called GrayStillPlays blended, golf clubbed, etc. to them and it was still safe! HE EVEN CUT IT WITH A LAWN MOWER FOR GODS SAKE

  4. bloohazze
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    ... you didn’t need to do all that; when playing without my glasses I mistake creepers for cactuses 😭

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    this men is going to expain the whole minecraft lore

  6. LiX LiX Entertainment
    LiX LiX Entertainment
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    If the minecraft pyramide is like irl and it's for dead bodies.....then Isn't string that thing they putted on mummies???

  7. Etienne Coetzee
    Etienne Coetzee
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    Matpat i know the enchantment bane of arthropod's. It was used by the builders to get rid of pest's like silver spider's. That means they started to enchant in the overworld. And on the list of bane of arthropods is ender mite. brought some blocks with, including portal blocks to the end and built a portal in the end and some escaped. The dragon destroyed the portal that's why there is bedrock in the end.

  8. Michal Kavuljak
    Michal Kavuljak
    13 שעות לפני

    Im sure somebody pointed out that you can Also build a beacon into the desert temple. Another thing is that chest loot table includes god apples and strings can be used as an tripwire to trigger TNT (with tripwire hook ofc)

  9. mlplayer
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    ohhh ahhhh

  10. Le Smart Boi
    Le Smart Boi
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    Aw man...

  11. Jace Berry
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  12. Jayonna Cranfield
    Jayonna Cranfield
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    I have a theory!So Minecraft is based on life.How humans evolved and stuff like that.So some humans in the world have conditions (health)So i think steve is in the future trying to get back to the a time traveler.So basicly steve is a person of the past in the future trying to guide the villagers!

  13. Mayank Sharma
    Mayank Sharma
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    I still find it fascinating that the ancient builder civilization was not able to kill the wither. While the player easily can

  14. ElicitFizs
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    Hey matt, I was watching 47 facts about minecraft you didnt know. One fact got me intrested, when your invisible nobody can see you even mobs right? well the enchanted table see's you when your close. Its knows you there so that means sombody must be watching you through the enchanted table? Maybe its the lost civilisation that ruled the minecraft real before you came, Maybe its the souls of them or even herobrine watching you.

  15. Jose Thawpro1
    Jose Thawpro1
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  16. bayu leksono
    bayu leksono
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    I'm kind of confused at the moment. I know this isn't related but how does the ancient civilazation get end stones to craft the end protal frames while they havent even been in the end yet?

  17. Nina :D
    Nina :D
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    I know I kinda get this theory :P

    יום לפני

    I gotta say I'm exited to Drink some Brains emphasiz on the brains

  19. Phoenixairandsea
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    Next plz do one on respawn anchors and loadstones

  20. PinkpinkGirl
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    I have a another minecraft theory how do they get sour cream on their poatoes

  21. the crafty creeper
    the crafty creeper
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    GAH! cats! get the shot gun~ GET THE SHOT GUN!!

  22. Rishav Agarwal
    Rishav Agarwal
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    In hindi (the language of india) Ankh means eye

  23. MostOcelotCat the Cat Pro
    MostOcelotCat the Cat Pro
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    Prequel memer approved 8:25

  24. Anthony Cabrera
    Anthony Cabrera
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    The Ankh Shield

  25. Olivia Anderson
    Olivia Anderson
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    The game theory watches look like the omnitrix from Ben 10 😂

  26. Banana
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  27. Westley Camp
    Westley Camp
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    great now we have to wait for him to cover minecraft story mode

  28. Luca Spinder
    Luca Spinder
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    Illagers are just Romans that copied from the greeks. or not, who knows!

  29. Ron Blaylock
    Ron Blaylock
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    Can you please cover the secrets of the 1.13 ps4 tutorial !

  30. DanrtGames
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    This was made on my Birthday

  31. Alessio Napoletani
    Alessio Napoletani
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    Now they are scared of ocelot but ok

  32. Pasta Kazoo
    Pasta Kazoo
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    I wonder who discovered cats drop string?

  33. Rhian Ronin
    Rhian Ronin
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    Matpat, Did you forget the fact that SPIDERS also drop string when killed, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!?????.

  34. Devilix
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    Hey man creepers where a mistake they can’t have lore

  35. Tijn Leenhouts
    Tijn Leenhouts
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    Hey, what do you think blazes are

  36. BrickBots and Anything
    BrickBots and Anything
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    At the Mark 3:54, there are TWO desert temples.

  37. ImNskPlayz
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    I wish matpat Started this again

  38. Noah Cabrestante
    Noah Cabrestante
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    I have a good theory for you to feature in one of your videos. Remember when Iron man mentioned that his armor was a gold-platinum alloy and it was SO tough, it also had a dark shade of grey when it was not yet painted, could it be that Netherite is made of Platinum and Gold? Please like this so he can see

  39. Angelow Crespin
    Angelow Crespin
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    There are A lot of creepers is somebody making them still.

  40. Poke Kid Max
    Poke Kid Max
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    this cant be intended because creepers were a glitch

  41. Slake_leon3526 Reyes
    Slake_leon3526 Reyes
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    If you watch mat your a legend

  42. Garrett Cook
    Garrett Cook
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    the desert biome was never even the desert in the first place. There once was cretures there. the hidden under ground fosels are most common in the desert.

  43. Zoeyxzo
    2 ימים לפני

    + Creepers were an accident at first. There was a glitch with a pig where it resembled what we now know as a creeper. The team decided to make this into a mob. Their green camo color was a way to "hide" them as a sorta jump scare mechanic. Then deserts didn't exist ++ Minecraft wasn't ever supposed to be a lore filled game until Notch left the game designs and everyone was like why the eff not

  44. Kleinblatt
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    well phantoms are scared of cats too, make a theory about it pls :)

  45. SleepySans the Nerd
    SleepySans the Nerd
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    The picture of the cat fighting the snake is Bastet fighting Apophis, the snake of chaos.*NERD ALERT*

  46. Shihab Ahmed
    Shihab Ahmed
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    Yes we love cats to this day

  47. Fernando Gomez
    Fernando Gomez
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    I have to ask you something how did we the player of Minecraft survive then

  48. The Easy Channel
    The Easy Channel
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    I wonder what a good theory about the end could be Not about the end city and endermen But the ender dragon and end crystals

  49. Karel Severson
    Karel Severson
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    I really want to see how this guy is going to include the mooshroom biom and mooshroom cows into the lore.

  50. Not Monkey
    Not Monkey
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    Is it bizarre that Alex and Steve kinda sounds like Adam and Eve?

  51. Lukas O
    Lukas O
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    Not me patiently waiting for a minecraft storymode theory- given the fact that it might help with finding the lore of minecraft considering the main character has to fight literal god-

  52. pyrogheist
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    bold to poke at dunkey

  53. Mirko Grbavac
    Mirko Grbavac
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    ''Hey what's that hissing sound'',''Probably the sound of my torch(about to blow up)''

  54. demon
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  55. Double AU
    Double AU
    3 ימים לפני

    let's not forget the fact that ocelots actually attack creepers in Minecraft Dungeons sooooo....... maybe the Creepers simply are afraid that the cats are going to try to kill them it wouldn't surprise me if the ancient builders installed a Failsafe in the creepers by making ocelots want to attack them (maybe they put catnip in them? IDK) and thus making them afraid of cats if I had lost control over my creations repeatedly, I'd try to make a failsafe too

  56. A
    3 ימים לפני

    My theory was that the ancient civilisation was rivalling the pillagers. That's the reason of us finding string in the chests of the temples. The builders killed cats to get string for wrapping bodies in for the afterlife. Pillagers worship cats, the reason for wool cat sculptures. The ancient civilisation used creepers as a "war item" (if that makes sense). The creepers, a living organism, decides to go hostile over the player because they don't want to be used for their advantage. Also the pillagers are hostile towards the player and villagers because of the fact that a civilisation similar to us, the player and villagers killed cats for string. The reasons creepers run from cats might be because they were trained to retreat from cats because cats before may of been used as a totem of luck, since the totem of luck worked the civilisation may of seen the cats as a lethal weapon and trained creepers to retreat when close to a cat. Props to you for reading all that. Also correct me if I'm wrong, this was written in 15 minutes with no proofreading.

    1. A
      3 ימים לפני

      I respect all your opinions, this is just a theory I thought of while taking a dump.

    2. A
      3 ימים לפני

      Holy cow, thats a long comment

  57. Your 1839
    Your 1839
    3 ימים לפני

    On any of your lore video are you going to mention the first hostile mob, Humans. They looked like steve, were hostile, placed TNT, and at one point you could summon them with a button. With your woodland mansion videos I think 💭 I know where they would fit. Remember how the illigers tried to create steves, but ended up making zombies 🧟‍♂️ instead? Maybe the were more successful at creating Steve in the past. And 20,645th comment.

  58. Derek
    3 ימים לפני

    In episode 5 of Minecraft story mode, a character mentions ancient builders. Not kidding!

  59. Tristan Avitia
    Tristan Avitia
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    12:19 rockpunk 19 b.c

  60. Super Wolf
    Super Wolf
    3 ימים לפני

    Ok but what about the fact that iron Golems attack all the mobs except for creepers

  61. Sean Wilkinson
    Sean Wilkinson
    3 ימים לפני

    The creeper is a spy

  62. IsaiahTheWeeb
    3 ימים לפני

    Plot twist: When you die your body gets carried out into a pyramid by villagers

  63. Devon Rogers
    Devon Rogers
    4 ימים לפני

    Could’ve just shaped a cactus into a creeper lol

  64. Villagerin
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    the strings might by just bandage from the dead bodies

    1. Villagerin
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  65. Villagerin
    4 ימים לפני

    creepers are green because there are cacti in the desert and there is no other way how to get any another dye because skeletons in that time didnt exist (so they can´t get white) and lapis had better use then dye so they use cactus green because it was the easies color to get in desert. PS: I don´t speak english sho i am really sorry for my english.

  66. Cody Bresson
    Cody Bresson
    4 ימים לפני

    You know this makes sense, cause if the ancient builders created the creepers, it would explain why Iron golems don't attack them, they are both constructs from their ancient masters

  67. Robbie Teall
    Robbie Teall
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    Totems of undying are ankhs

  68. Susanna Sætre
    Susanna Sætre
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    Poor people that had allergies

  69. Austow8
    4 ימים לפני

    Here's another very important detail I thought of: If Illagers are descendants of the ancient civilization, that would mean villagers are too. You can find connections to this inside of villages. For one, villages are the only places in the game that contain stray cats. Also, creepers are one of the only common hostile mobs that iron golems avoid.

    1. The Misfit Owl
      The Misfit Owl
      2 ימים לפני

      Iron Golems avoid Creepers??? That might be proof that the Creepers were connected to the Ancient Builders just like the Iron Golems are! Both constructs to attack or defend. The Golems programed to avoid Creepers and the Creepers programed to avoid cats. I wonder what made the Creepers go rogue though???

  70. RAC3 Shidou
    RAC3 Shidou
    4 ימים לפני

    Spiders drop strong as well. Theory debunked

  71. Ratglove Productions
    Ratglove Productions
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    Matpat forgot to talk about the creeper face on the chiseled sandstone

  72. NE0N_R0GUE
    4 ימים לפני

    Heres my idea with the bones, rotten flesh and string. What are the other most iconic mobs in mc? Zombies= Rotten Flesh, Skeles: Bones, Spiders: String, its trying to say the creeper is the most high "tier" mob there is in the game, (what do you think)

  73. Noé Simier
    Noé Simier
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    Your gonna have so much work with thé next update

  74. maybe may
    maybe may
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    I knew it was coming but I still jump everytime at the creeper explosion noise because of the trauma associated with losing everything--

  75. Tyler Maidment
    Tyler Maidment
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    i dont think mat knows that creepers where made due to a coding issue

  76. K. Fuji'
    K. Fuji'
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    Lel, Dunkley dunk

  77. Mustafa Eren Ünal
    Mustafa Eren Ünal
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    i think pillagers are just frickin copying everyone

  78. mr mop
    mr mop
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    flesh, bone and string kinda sounds like a mummy to me by the way

  79. wot am I doin
    wot am I doin
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  80. I GAMERY
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    I didn't expect to watch an entire lore for a GLITCHED PIG

  81. dragonlord07jv
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    Mat you have been ignoring the jungle aswell there is the jungle temple or whatever its called

  82. MANDI Jester Krienke
    MANDI Jester Krienke
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    Did one of your loved ones die mine did it was tragic

  83. bigboi mark
    bigboi mark
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    my theorie the creeper came from a land far away froma desert and some people made an experiment including tnt and one day a prototype of a crepper escapes from an experimental building and goes to a desert far away ofc the people from the desert doesnt know what the crepper is by then and they think that the crepper is a god they named the creeper hence the hissing sound when it explodes then one day a pig accidentally goes to the places where the crepper have traveled and gained a virus

  84. Cameron Orr
    Cameron Orr
    5 ימים לפני

    4:57 I think they chose the Ankh because they would have to make a larger structure to fit the Eye of Horus, not to mention because of Minecraft's blocky nature, it's easier to recognize an Ankh than it is to recognize an Eye of Horus.

  85. Devon Kelly
    Devon Kelly
    5 ימים לפני

    Why is string the odd one out? There’s rotten flesh, (you get from zombies), bones,(you get from skeletons), and string, (you get from spiders). Why is string theodd1sout? Like if you know him

  86. Corazon Atienza
    Corazon Atienza
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    11:00 oh god

  87. Paige Lee
    Paige Lee
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    Dadpat dadpat

  88. Manuel_Elastico
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    Can we get some valorant lore?

  89. saarang venkatesh
    saarang venkatesh
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    I think the ahnk represents respawning

  90. Avionicss
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    anybody notice that totems of undying have the hands/arms like the symbol of life?

  91. A Stranger
    A Stranger
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    So.... pretty much Neytirix called it.

  92. Blue Acid
    Blue Acid
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    If the only way how we can get gunpowder Is from creepers and chests how did the ancient builders obtain gunpowder to make the creepers and store it. Creepers were man-made

  93. Serena Michael
    Serena Michael
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  94. ፕhunderstorm ኗዐ2ዐ
    ፕhunderstorm ኗዐ2ዐ
    6 ימים לפני

    Idk if anyone else agrees but in the new update of minecraft they added creppy new sounds to the nether and when you go to a certain part of it you can hear a man screaming followed by a sound of the wither. I think that he was right ,the ancient race of builders created the wither and the rest... you know

  95. Emerald Dragon
    Emerald Dragon
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    dam boomer

  96. Henry Ballew
    Henry Ballew
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    probebly just scared of cats like ravengers are scared of bunnies

  97. Azam Zahid
    Azam Zahid
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    creeper: *explodes a cat* the other creepers: self destruct *walks to the player* in three two onr

  98. mr Brainslug
    mr Brainslug
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    Pov: you are the cat in the war. *Hey can someone make popcorn*

  99. Ian Shearer
    Ian Shearer
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    does noone care about the shade thrown at dunkey??

  100. Dutyfruity
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    also if you wanted to know the original designer of the creeper, notch, said that the creeper in made out of leaves. so you were very close. But even still, there are leaves around the nile soooo yes