Game Theory: KFC Just WON The Console Wars

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I know everyone is still freaking out about the PS5 and how hard it is to get. Well Theorists, I may have a solution for you! There is a new up and comer entering the console game and it may just be the one we've been waiting for! What is it? The KFC Console! Yes, our favorite fried chicken restaurant has announced a gaming console and I am EXCITED! Will this change the game or should they stick to chicken? Theorists, it is time to uncover the delicious truth about the KFC Console!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Prejudiced Pizza
    Prejudiced Pizza
    6 שעות לפני

    Food theory? Colonel romance movie??? Wtf did I just click on? Game Theory is resembling a bad trip more and more lately

  2. luis ivan fuentes martinez
    luis ivan fuentes martinez
    9 שעות לפני

    So basically you can cook ramen noodles in there and game the heat up and have food ready when you're tired after so many jumpscares from Freddy and agonizing puzzles from Bendy?

  3. TheDarkLord132
    10 שעות לפני

    No one has a higher kd than the colonel

  4. Fire Wisp Games
    Fire Wisp Games
    13 שעות לפני

    This is great and all, but what about when you DONT need food while you’re gaming..? Do you just put water in there and suffer a steamy room later?

  5. Cubey 17
    Cubey 17
    15 שעות לפני

    I thought it was just a joke it is not

  6. Corbitron500
    16 שעות לפני

    Get this PC and keyboard, mouse and usb and all the games, ya know all of it combine it and you my friend are going to have a finger Linkin good set up.

  7. Johnny the Hot cheeto man
    Johnny the Hot cheeto man
    22 שעות לפני

    I think KFC is just bored

  8. IAmAGamer
    22 שעות לפני

    0:30 made me laugh!

  9. HOWDY
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  10. zombi3skeleton
    יום לפני

    Wtf is this

  11. kimberly 12345
    kimberly 12345
    יום לפני

    Alexok 💖💛💜💚💙🖤🖤🖤🖤❤❤🧡🧡🧡💚💜💛💛💜💜💚🧡❤🖤💙🖤🧡💚💜💛🤜🤛💖💛💛💜💜💜💚💚❤❤🖤💙

  12. mohammed's world
    mohammed's world
    יום לפני

    i am waiting for the new KFC Console coming soon

  13. *••Coco Flute••*
    *••Coco Flute••*
    יום לפני

    GFF theory Game film food theory

  14. I’m Pickle Rick!!!
    I’m Pickle Rick!!!
    יום לפני

    This is what i would buy

  15. Koronebestdog
    יום לפני

    Bro they put intel in it we need a pc wars KFC console vs a amd pc

  16. Max The terraria person
    Max The terraria person
    יום לפני

    Mmm radioactive chicken

  17. RoundedApollo80
    יום לפני

    whyis the topic fanf 1

  18. PumpDadyC
    יום לפני


  19. Get Rekt
    Get Rekt
    יום לפני

    What if you don't have food to put in the warmer

  20. FROWNY
    יום לפני

    The guy who voiced Colonel Sanders in this video sounded better than the guy who voiced Colonel in the commercials.

  21. XxPlayful_StudiosxX
    יום לפני

    nobody: not even the whole fnaf community: me: i want to find those KFC "games" because why not

    1. Rose Gaster
      Rose Gaster
      18 שעות לפני

      Just for research purposes of course

  22. Em Beboso
    Em Beboso
    2 ימים לפני

    why not use the heat from your computer overheating to cook the chicken?

  23. Mr. Elephant Kid
    Mr. Elephant Kid
    2 ימים לפני

    New addition to KFC: The KFC Religion or Kentucky Fried Religion.

  24. pig oink oink
    pig oink oink
    2 ימים לפני

    Can u make a theory about this game called subnautica?

  25. Shannon B
    Shannon B
    2 ימים לפני

    Ruining your childhood since 2011 Me:who was born in 2011: welp my childhood has been ruined since I was born

  26. Bernardo Kampff
    Bernardo Kampff
    2 ימים לפני

    Is it strange i kind of already knew what MatPat would talk about? I guess i might be closer to him in terms of intelligence than i would expect...

  27. PandaGaming
    2 ימים לפני

    Isnt this suppose to be, food theory?

  28. Ryan Kapur
    Ryan Kapur
    2 ימים לפני

    Ok but the kfconsole is a old joke that never came out

  29. Bryson Gamer
    Bryson Gamer
    2 ימים לפני

    next will be the kfcomputer

  30. Obi Wan Cannabi
    Obi Wan Cannabi
    2 ימים לפני

    too hungry for this atm lol

  31. Galaxy’s saver 7565
    Galaxy’s saver 7565
    2 ימים לפני

    Oh god gaod theory

  32. Rio and mom's vlog
    Rio and mom's vlog
    2 ימים לפני

    now pubg players can literally say winner winner chicken dinner

  33. SmallShooter22
    2 ימים לפני


  34. richard blanchard
    richard blanchard
    2 ימים לפני

    imagine buy your kid a kfc console and a week later they have flies or roaches coming out the console do to the kid not cleaning the system

  35. LukeTV
    2 ימים לפני

    why does youtube say this is a fnaf video

  36. 12345 67890
    12345 67890
    3 ימים לפני

    It's official, KFC has the weirdest publicity in the world.

  37. Vaughn Wolford
    Vaughn Wolford
    3 ימים לפני

    This is dangerous for the people who want to put something else besides chicken

  38. Q W
    Q W
    3 ימים לפני

    So like if you eat all the chicken it’ll break?

  39. Blue Octagon
    Blue Octagon
    3 ימים לפני


  40. Tobi
    3 ימים לפני

    What if you don’t put any food in tho?

  41. Quick Shot Gamer
    Quick Shot Gamer
    3 ימים לפני

    I can only imagine the Maintenance that is required just to use one alone besides the fact that you would want to keep a PC not only Cool but CLEAN as well!

  42. lularose8799
    3 ימים לפני

    i want one.

  43. Temprest Jr
    Temprest Jr
    3 ימים לפני

    The kfc console is stupid if I want warm kfc I can have my console on for 30 minutes put a plate with chicken on it and wait a while

  44. Jesse Humphrey
    Jesse Humphrey
    3 ימים לפני

    When you win a game of pubg winner winner chicken dinner!!!

  45. Xilarager
    4 ימים לפני

    very intresting fnaf video

  46. gabriella ruiz
    gabriella ruiz
    4 ימים לפני

    me being 12 years old and once have the small darkish purple easy bake oven : your making me feel older then i really am ;-;

  47. Louise Harvey
    Louise Harvey
    4 ימים לפני

    yeah... I saw that this console could cost nearly $1,000 and that's just the console. if you really wanna play on it you need games so the total cost could be around $2,000. could be just for the memes if it costs that much

  48. McPlebeian
    4 ימים לפני

    the 650 W PSU only uses the amount of power the PC component require. The computer is more likely to use around 400 W or less.

  49. Alex Yip
    Alex Yip
    5 ימים לפני

    we r getting closer nd closer to the finished puzzle: drink theory

  50. himiko toga
    himiko toga
    5 ימים לפני


  51. PDreamer1
    5 ימים לפני

    7:35 Master cooler LETSS GOOO

  52. Pela 10
    Pela 10
    5 ימים לפני

    So the console is making people buy every day fried chicken to play games. Really unhealthy strategy

  53. Meat Beater 3000 !
    Meat Beater 3000 !
    5 ימים לפני


  54. Konrad Pytlak
    Konrad Pytlak
    5 ימים לפני

    Can wait to mattel coming back whit the new console

  55. steelrain 814
    steelrain 814
    5 ימים לפני

    So what you're saying is... the best console is a pc

  56. ninjashed
    6 ימים לפני

    so what if i dont have chicken does my console just expload?

  57. 7 ate 9
    7 ate 9
    6 ימים לפני


  58. Spartan 1337
    Spartan 1337
    6 ימים לפני

    why does this video have 4k dislikes

  59. Gucci Banana
    Gucci Banana
    6 ימים לפני


  60. Jordan Holleman
    Jordan Holleman
    6 ימים לפני

    Specifying human flesh seems really strange in this context of keeping food hot, but is much less strange in the context of say determining how long a customer would need to hold their hands under your hot water before scalding themselves to find a "reasonable" water temp.

  61. unbreon noises
    unbreon noises
    8 ימים לפני

    the 4th channel should be animation theory

  62. Cameron Merithew
    Cameron Merithew
    8 ימים לפני

    KFConsole is able too cook your food... youtube: ah yes this is FNAF

  63. Kassie Reid
    Kassie Reid
    8 ימים לפני

    I did not want to watch this, but I needed it.

  64. Evilgamer
    8 ימים לפני

    Yo ... what kind of cooling do you use in you pc Me : meat cooled

  65. Goodgameryt THE SECOND
    Goodgameryt THE SECOND
    8 ימים לפני

    Did someone just buy a KFC game?

  66. Andres Alvarez
    Andres Alvarez
    8 ימים לפני

    Wtf I love KFC now!

  67. Kurt Raneses
    Kurt Raneses
    8 ימים לפני

    after p7bg

  68. DragonGod10k
    8 ימים לפני

    KFC is a big deal

  69. Clash of devs
    Clash of devs
    8 ימים לפני

    Regular people : hey check out my ps 5 that one kid : ps5??? More like trash Check out my kfc CONSEL

  70. Clash of devs
    Clash of devs
    8 ימים לפני

    This is my friend carnel and hes craked at call of duty my g

  71. Zachary Lepow
    Zachary Lepow
    9 ימים לפני


  72. Shadow
    9 ימים לפני

    How much for it

  73. Mike Medlin
    Mike Medlin
    9 ימים לפני

    But what happens if i don’t want to be always cooking chiken in my computer?

  74. Mr. Wilkie
    Mr. Wilkie
    9 ימים לפני

    Anybody with even a slight sliver of sanity would love to munch on chicken while gaming

  75. Amolpreet Kaur
    Amolpreet Kaur
    9 ימים לפני

    I hope they gifted you the Console after this

  76. Found
    9 ימים לפני

    If I get a KFConsle the first thing im doing is watching this video on it.

  77. Dice Mace
    Dice Mace
    10 ימים לפני

    I laughed when I say the title

  78. The Universal Syndicate Of Bounty Hunters
    The Universal Syndicate Of Bounty Hunters
    10 ימים לפני

    Who needs a special chamber to keep chicken hot when I can just play minecraft with a render distance of 3 and letting the chicken under my computer?

  79. counter blox content
    counter blox content
    10 ימים לפני

    I want kfc console because while im gaming me aet

  80. Jack Caulkins
    Jack Caulkins
    10 ימים לפני

    I can’t believe I got KFC in this

  81. spiderdoge gaming
    spiderdoge gaming
    11 ימים לפני

    Hol' up what if I DON'T put food in, will it overheat and BREAK?

  82. dasha :P
    dasha :P
    11 ימים לפני

    0:55 I was laughing when I saw ruining your childhood since 2011

  83. defour1009
    11 ימים לפני

    Hi game theory

  84. energy gamers
    energy gamers
    11 ימים לפני

    What about ps4 mathu

  85. Crewz
    11 ימים לפני

    Dude that into music is so good, when I heard it I had flash backs to like 2019

  86. Prachin Ranjan Giri
    Prachin Ranjan Giri
    11 ימים לפני

    But there is also second law of thermodynamics which tells us that no system is 100% efficient

  87. Chad Perry
    Chad Perry
    12 ימים לפני

    I have subscribed to all your Channels and saved em and Hit the like button And notifications

  88. Sean Carragher
    Sean Carragher
    12 ימים לפני

    this video should have been a colab with linus tech tips lol

  89. SomePersonIn TheBackground
    SomePersonIn TheBackground
    12 ימים לפני

    Lol ama buy this but instead of KFC chiken ama put popeyes chinken in the console XD

  90. Jaida Padilla
    Jaida Padilla
    12 ימים לפני

    I have something to tell you game theory can you solve the mystery of fundy's nightmare??

  91. The_EJ
    12 ימים לפני

    if it really wants to win the console wars make enough to keep it in stock which is where the ps5 and xsx failed

    1. Me
      12 ימים לפני

      Switch:Jokes on you,I'm cheaper AND in stock.

  92. reversecolin1256788
    12 ימים לפני

    but heat rises so wouldnt it just be a circle of heat leading to a faster break down of computer parts? I'm an idiot so im really asking

  93. Rainbow_Angel
    12 ימים לפני

    What about PS4/5

  94. The Caterfish
    The Caterfish
    13 ימים לפני

    What happens if you don’t put any food in the heating chamber?

  95. Vocal Cords
    Vocal Cords
    13 ימים לפני

    I can make hot coco in that and maybe tea, or boiling water for..... defense

  96. ClickleMeElmo
    13 ימים לפני

    creepy crawler oven ftw. get out, easy bake!

  97. PUBG Player991399
    PUBG Player991399
    13 ימים לפני

    The ps4 could already heat your chicken for you.

  98. kaan secilmis
    kaan secilmis
    13 ימים לפני

    The dashing debtor simplistically haunt because uzbekistan intrestingly bleach times a ultra postbox. sedate, adaptable anthropology

  99. sunny fisher
    sunny fisher
    13 ימים לפני

    Wait so i have to buy KFC chicken to put in my KFconsole or it will overheat.It's like they want my money.

  100. The Mustard Man
    The Mustard Man
    13 ימים לפני

    Lol you use napkins? What a loser lmao.